The Eid Bundle


For 1 person for 3 Months includes:

3x A-Z Multivitamins (30 tablets) 

3x Vit-D3 1000iu (30 capsules)

3x Hair Vitamins (30 capsules)

For Nutritional Information, Directions & Suitability for each individual product please visit product pages above.

A special bundle made just for you this Eid.

A bundle that consists of carefully selected nutrients that we believe is important for the post-Ramadan period. We've put together a special bundle to help get your health kick back after a month of an intense change in daily nutrition. A-Z Multivitamins consists of a MASSIVE 33 essential nutrients per tablet to help you obtain all those essential vitamins, minerals and amino-acids after a month of huge nutritional deprivation.  Vit-D3 1000iu contains cholecalciferol vitamin D3 and Hair Vitamins contains all the important nutrients and bio-elements for Strong, Healthy Hair in Men & Women. This amazing bundle will be enough vitamins for 3 months! Be quick, this offer is for a limited time only! All made with Pharmaceutical Grade Technology to deliver gold-standard quality. 

3 Months | £50

100% HMC Halal Certified. Made in the UK. Hashmats Health products are NOT tested on animals.

Product Promise

Laboratory-Tested Halal

We only source Halal ingredients. Every product is lab-tested to be 100% free from contamination of non-halal ingredients, alcohol and carries certification from the Halal Monitoring Committee.

Supreme Quality

We'll only manufacture Vitamins & Food Supplements under GMP Guidelines using the Worlds Leading Quality Management Standard - ISO9001. 

Scientifically Proven

All claims we state on any of our supplements are scientifically proven by the European Food Safety Authority

Made in the UK

We make all our Vitamins, Minerals & Food Supplements in the UK to British Retail Consortium (BRC) Standards.

2% of sales to local & worldwide charitable causes


Every Hashmats Health Vitamins & Food Supplements is manufactured with Pharmaceutical Grade Technology using the world's leading quality management standard - ISO9001.
Choose the best option for your health. Choose HASHMATS®.

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